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All over the world, new startups are flourishing.  Ideas are transforming businesses and creating new organizations worth millions of dollars through social transformation. However, most startups struggle with initial investments and are delayed or loose their advantage to followers. Companies with access to a high amount of capital (VC firms) usually expect a quick return on investment with low risk. As a result, many innovative teams seek investment in Silicon Valley or disband after few unsuccessful attempts at finding capital.

There are thousands of teams from all over the world that don’t have access to early-stage financing. We at MAXIDAX aim to make early-stage financing options more accessible to founders of startups, and make investments available to a larger group other than an elite group of investors. So far, such investment opportunities with very high returns were only accessible to a small group of investors, that dominate the startup scene. Private small investors, with limited capital and investment expertise were always excluded. MAXIDAX offers a unique solution to the problems of the startup world and allows a broad group of individual investors to partner with the world’s most innovative startups.

With MAXIDAX, you as an investor can conveniently, quickly and securely acquire shares in up-and-coming startups. The startups on the other hand easily find enough financing to establish themselves and reach higher levels. Investors can participate in the success of these companies early on, through profit distribution and share prices. In contrast to crypto tokens, the value of MAXIDAX tokens are tied to a real value. MAXIDAX provides a transparent and secure investment processes. MAXIDAX aims to spread the access to innovation to any interested party, regardless of income.

What Is Our Mission

our Mission