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With the help of blockchain technology, angel investors from all over the world can deposit their crypto investments of various amounts and invest in the MAXIDAX angel investment network. This way, angel investors will get MAXIDAX tokens. If they have a network of other investors, they can recommend it to others and earn more tokens through reference. In this way, angel investors have a chance to make a quick profit and exit. If angel investors are waiting for earnings of their investments, they can always monitor and withdraw these earnings at certain intervals as a digital asset with blockchain technology.
As part of its roadmap, The MAXIDAX angel investment network is committed to issue its own smart contract based MAXIDAX token at an early stage. All investments and earnings will be managed with this MAXIDAX token over the blockchain. Network earnings will be paid to angel investors using the Ethereum, ETH crypto asset until the MAXIDAX token is formed.
After the MAXIDAX token is created, all network gains, staking revenues and all other bonuses will be issued with the MAXIDAX token. Angel investors will enter the network using the MAXIDAX token after purchasing it from crypto asset exchanges. MAXIDAX would allocate an initial portion of the MAXIDAX token revenue generated by the angel investment network for staking and member entries. After that, MAXIDAX tokens will be used to invest in a portfolio of startup companies determined by the experienced angel investor team. Profits obtained from the share value increase of successful startups are used in the appreciation processes of the MAXIDAX coin.