MAXIDAX is a digital angel investment network created by mutual fund managers with years of experience as angel investors. The team at MAXIDAX knows that it’s best to create a multi-level, transparent and sustainable angel investment network using blockchain technology. Aiming to create the first digital asset to be used in angel investment networks, MAXIDAX will enable angel investors from all over the world to join the MAXIDAX network with the MAXIDAX token. The MAXIDAX token will allow angel investors to find speed, transparency and sustainability, the core values all angel investors are looking for. MAXIDAX is an early stage investor digital network. It connects early stage investors and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds through a common network, offering them the opportunity to become Angel Investors even with small capital contributions.
MAXIDAX provides an uncomplicated investment opportunity based on blockchain. It ensures that all transactions on the network are carried out with its own crypto asset, that will soon be launched. The repeated use of this digital asset will further contribute to early investors of the platform by increasing its value in independent exchanges.

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